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Quotation – Tell the Credit Union story

Go and tell the Credit Union story – the SACCO value proposition. Arm yourself with this story, 110 million Americans are Credit Union members – what a big story to tell. Members are the main advocates, they should tell what Credit Unions have done for them. W e e x i s t f o r a r e a s o n y o u k n o w , t h e p h i l o s o p h y
of how credit unions came to be; stories matter. These stories are valuable. These are the stories that sustain us. I challenge you to leave this place and go tell the story. Be a tough believer of the Credit Union story, a talker to everyone who will listen. Go to the radio, meet local leaders – mayors, councillors, church leaders, politicians; invite them to your annual meetings even.

The Sacconstellation is a SACCO-centric shared multi-media platform under the oversight of NACSCUZ.

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